About GetLostMaps

GetLostMaps is a collaboration between two businesses who are passionate about both design and road tripping.

Untitled Things is the passion project of Chris and Jess. Chris is an artist and designer and his love of all things maps led to the creation of Untitled Things in 2015. From Rome to Paris, London and the Falkland Islands Chris has created beautiful pieces of map art, in different kinds of media. Our love of maps is a testament to the enduring power of geography to capture the imagination. Maps are not just a means of getting from A to B, they offer a window into the world and all its possibilities.

The Gap Decaders is one of Europe’s top road tripping blogs, where itineraries, routes and journeys are core to everything Phil and Izzy do as they explore the world on four wheels, and sometimes two!

Together, we have created GetLost Maps to bring you a new and unique concept. Just share the journey and we’ll create a stunning piece of wall art, visualising your route and personalising the map, to capture your incredible journey.

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